There Was A Glaring RGIII Omission On The Redskins’ Twitter Countdown To Kickoff

09.04.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

The Washington Redskins just cannot stop doing dumb things in the lead-up to the start of the NFL season.

First, they brawled with the Texans, then they showed no remorse for their quarterback’s concussion on Twitter. They followed that debacle up with yet another brawl, this time with the Ravens. The wife of the teams general manager then accused a reporter of being her husband’s side piece, and, to top it all off, they now are barring non-season ticket holders from using will call, after previously charging them $50.

Oh yeah, and they have had a massive QB controversy, in which the owner of the team was reportedly overruling the coach’s wishes until the coach finally got his way, only after the quarterback he didn’t favor had lingering concussion symptoms.

Now, the Redskins are continuing to try and make people forget that Robert Griffin III exists by excluding him from their Twitter countdown.

The team had been counting down the days until their first regular season game on social media by using the jersey number of whoever represented how many days were remaining before the teams opener against the Dolphins.

For instance, here’s the tweet they used on Wednesday when there was 11 days until their opener.

Robert Griffin III wears No. 10, so, regardless of the controversy regarding him in the preseason, the Redskins wouldn’t exclude him from something so trivial as a Twitter countdown, would they?

Yeah… that’s not RGIII. That’s Trent Williams, who wears No. 71, which is nowhere near 10.

And just in case you thought it was unrelated to what’s been going on with Griffin in the past few weeks, they’ve used him in prior years in the exact same countdown.

At some point, you have to feel for RGIII as the organization now has just completely turned its back on him. He’s never been the same since Mike Shanahan sacrificed him to the gods in the playoffs back in 2012, and his attempts at a comeback have been thwarted by a coach who doesn’t want him, a terrible offensive line that can’t protect him, a fanbase that has turned on him, and an organization who doesn’t know how to manage their day-to-day operations without creating a headline.

He may very well never be the quarterback he once was, but, for his sake, let’s hope he gets out of the toxic waste that is the Redskins organization sooner rather than later so we can really find out.

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