Reebok Has A Good Advertising Team

08.26.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

“Sex sells” has always been a known idea in advertising, and the marketing team at Reebok is certainly going in the right direction. The company has settled upon Kelly Brook to represent their new line of EasyTone shoes, which is only interesting because they got her to pose naked on a billboard.

Kelly Brook, a lad mag model famous in the UK for her breasts is apparently a “brand ambASSador for Reebok. And Reebok’s hot new product is their EasyTone shoes which they claim tone one’s butt while one walks (up the side of a mountain, maybe). That’s her unveiling herself yesterday in South London. Brilliant. –Copyranter

Brilliant, indeed. Reebok just spiked my interest in their EasyTones from “not interested” to “mildly interested” in one fell swoop. Reebok needs to get Brooklyn Decker posing naked in a pair of Pumps. /Answers phone. Why hello, owner of Reebok. Why yes, I am ready to receive offers for an advertising gig. Just keep in mind, my minimum salary is 10 million a year. I need to pay off all of those gambling debts I have with the mob.

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