Reebok Is Helping New Balance Owners Who Don’t Want To Be Affiliated With Donald Trump

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11.17.16 11 Comments

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Bad news came out the other day for people who like New Balance sneakers but don’t like neo-Nazis. A white supremacist blogger decided to declare New Balances the “official shoes of white people” in light of Donald Trump getting elected president. This happened shortly after New Balance expressed its dismay in Barack Obama‘s presidency, namely with regards to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump will reportedly quit within the first 100 days of his time in the White House.

That second thing could be a fair criticism, depending on your thoughts on TPP, but neo-Nazis taking ownership of a brand of shoes is something that most people probably won’t be into. Fortunately for New Balance owners who are decidedly not white supremacists, Reebok is here to save the day.

Of course, the people behind New Balance insist that they do not support Trump’s proposed policies, and even released a statement explaining that they “believe in humanity.” But still, their statements right after Trump got elected will probably end up hurting them, even if they only are meant to be interpreted as commentary on the current administration’s trade policies. Reebok noticed this, saw an opportunity to hook people up with their sneakers, and took advantage.

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