Rees In Pieces

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10.05.11 4 Comments

Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees spent his Saturday at Ross-Ade stadium, leading the Fighting Irish to a 38-10 win over Purdue Boilermakers. A fight in the stands during a game at Ross-Ade is nothing unusual, especially between drunk college football fans and pissed-off working types stuck making boilers all day, but this one was special — Tommy’s 21-year old sister Meghan was involved, and she was arrested on charges of public intoxication.

From The Exponent, which sounds like something I had to find in math:

Purdue Police Captain Eric Chin said at around 8:30 p.m. officers received a report of a fight occurring in section 116 of the stadium. When the officers responded to the report, fans pointed to Rees as the one causing the disturbance.

“We did discover that a Meghan Rees was implicated as being one of the individuals involved in the disturbance in 116 and she was escorted out of the stands and into the concourse,” Chin said.

All he needed to do was add “particular” in front of “individuals” and he would’ve given the most cop statement of all time. Pictured right is Meghan, looking a little worse-for-wear than her Twitter user photo, and you can click it to see the full-sized version. Hopefully she’ll be healed up and ready to go in time for Saturday’s game against Air Force and will be drunk enough to fight their tough dad dressed like Batman.

As of now there has been no official statement from Tommy or Notre Dame, but hopefully the press release from Tommy just says, “heh, my sister’s a trip, right” and Notre Dames says nothing.

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