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Reggie and Kim, captivated by something shiny

America's least favorite fantasy disappointments are in the gossip pages again, as a woman reportedly confronted some crappy NFL running back about cheating on his shallow, vacant-eyed cockholster during Monday's Hornets-Bulls game (side note: watch Chris Paul systematically destroy the Bulls here).  YBF has the details:

Reggie Bush’s main chick Kim Kardashian caught an earful from an alleged jumpoff of his. While the couple sat courtside, a long black haired tanned woman… lit into Reggie’s ass about his relationship with the “Tush”. Of course, Reggie put on his *confused* face which apparently pissed the woman off even more. So she proceeded to yell at Kim, loudly so the entire crowd within earshot could hear everything, that she is still gettin’ it poppin’ with Reggie and has been for the last 2 years. And that she had just sexed it up with Reggie that Saturday. Damn! Kim mouthed a classy “F*ck you” to the jump off with an extremely angry look on her face. Clearly Kim doesn’t know that news about much of Reggie’s “side activities” has been around the N.O. for a while now.

Reggie was spotted outside after the game texting away…solo. Apparently Kim had left his ass there high and dry.

Is this story true?!?  Will Reggie and Kim be able to work it out?  Or will a benevolent God see to their grisly deaths?  Stay tuned for all the exciting details on With Leather!  Up next: the excitement gets ratcheted up even higher when I clip my toenails… too close to the quick!  Ouch!

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