Reggie Bush, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin And People You’ve Never Heard Of Went Bowling

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Chris Paul has missed the last three games with a strained left hamstring, but it’s done little to stop the 8-4 Los Angeles Clippers from at least pacing the first place Los Angeles Lakers (10-5) in the Western Conference Pacific Division. While Paul is listed as day-to-day for his on-court activities, the injury luckily didn’t interfere with one of his favorite off-court events – the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational.
Each year, Paul teams up with the Professional Bowling Association’s biggest names, as well as some of his fellow athletes and a few celebrities, to raise money for the CP3 Foundation. This year’s tournament took place last week and ESPN was on hand to record it, as it will air on Super Bowl Sunday. I’d warn you about spoiler alerts, but you were probably never going to watch it anyway.
Contributing to the cause this year were Michael Strahan, Reggie Bush, Ciara, the guy who played Turtle on “Entourage”, Blake Griffin, a guy from “Grey’s Anatomy”, comedian Kevin Hart, Drew Carey, and pro bowling’s bad boy, Pete Weber, Jr. There were some other people at the event and you can see them after the jump as I try to Google them and figure out who the hell they are.

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Or as we like to call him: “Obligated By Pressure From New Teammate.”
I know that the guy who plays Turtle has a real name, but Turtle is, in my opinion, the worst character ever written for TV so I’m just going to keep calling him that.
Easy on that hammy, buddy.
Ciara reportedly dates Amar’e Stoudemire, but he wasn’t there. Uh oh, do I smell controversy? Nope, just my Drakkar.
Incredibly poor form. For starters, she needs a mullet.
Can we get Hollywood to remake Thinner? Because someone was born for that.
Jason is a bowler famous for his unique two-handed delivery. If it’s not granny style, I don’t care.
Jesse is allegedly on “Grey’s Anatomy” but I would not know because I only watch Hallmark movies.
Jackson has appeared in timeless cinema classics such as Malibooty and 7-10 Split, starring Dame Tara Reid.
I enjoy Kevin Hart the actor, but not Kevin Hart the comedian. I also enjoy Rolos more than Twix. It’s all about revelations today.
Mindless Behavior is a child music act. I hope they didn’t perform…
Oh joy, they performed.
That’s good form right there.
Bowling fans know who these guys are, I assume.
Ryan Shafer is a professional bowler and I’m also guessing a windowless van enthusiast.
Is there anything that Strahan won’t show up for?
I assume Paul is smiling because he tricked them into attending.
I bet the conversations on the benches were inspiring.
In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to seeing Jerry Ferrara in this year’s Think Like a Man, based on the relationship book from comedian Steve Harvey and starring Chris Brown. Sounds like serious Oscar bait.
Watch out NFL, the PBA is back!

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