05.21.07 11 years ago 27 Comments

Last week there was much ado about Reggie Bush's public dalliance with sex tape star / celebutante Kim Kardashian, which forced the whole bloggerhood to simultaneously congratulate Bush for her hotness yet fear for the well-being of his sexual health.  And today we see one more reason why we worried: after a "romance" with Bush that lasted (maybe) a few weeks, Kardashian has reportedly moved on to uber-wealthy music producer Scott Storch.

Yes, that's Storch — who has made the world a better place by doing things like helping Paris Hilton's music career — pictured here with Miss Kardashian (full-size image HERE).  Some people say that you can compensate for being short and pasty and ugly and fish-lipped by wearing lots of diamonds and Ray-Bans that cover half your face.  Other people say Scott Storch deserves to get a sexually transmitted disease from a world-class harlot whore hussy slut tramp like Kim Kardashian.  What do I say?  I say you, say me; say it for always.  That's the way it should be.


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