Reggie Bush Will Pay Tribute To Joe McKnight On Sunday With This Incredible Pair Of Cleats

Reggie Bush will use the Buffalo Bills’ game this weekend to pay tribute to Joe McKnight. McKnight was tragically murdered earlier this week, and like many members of the USC family, Bush took to social media after news broke that he passed away to offer his condolences.

Bush will wear this spectacular pair of McKnight-themed cleats. They feature USC’s colors, McKnight’s name, his birthday, and the day he passed away. The coolest feature, though, is a picture of McKnight from his days with the Trojans. Bush tweeted out the shoes, along with the picture of McKnight that made its way onto the custom kicks.

This is an awesome tribute from Bush to another former USC back. While the two did not play with one another in college, there was obviously a bond between them, especially because McKnight was called the next Reggie Bush prior to his arrival in L.A.

McKnight’s death continues to get more and more disturbing as more details come in surrounding what went down. It’s especially disturbing that the man who shot McKnight was released by the authorities without being charged for a crime. While we all wait to see what will eventually happen to his murderer, it’s nice that Bush will give use Sunday’s game as a chance to remember McKnight.