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Your requisite Reggie Bush-Kim Kardashian post today comes courtesy of Bastardly, and it has FUCKING NEWS VALUE because it shows that they're hanging out in the Dominican Republic. I wonder if they're at some kind of posh resort, taking a break from all the local cockfighting action. And by "cockfighting," and I really mean "cock and vagina wrestling," which, surprisingly, is still legal in Vermont.

I'm pretty sure Reggie Bush is hitting Kim's ass as I type this, so let's hope he's taping the shit, as well. We know he has a camera on hand, so I'm pretty sure Camera Whore Kimmy will "accidently" upload those pics to some random messageboard. Oopsie!

So somebody explain what The Uff's fascination with these two is. Is it Kardashian's ass? Reggie Bush's awesome…pecs? Is Matt on the take from Yahoo! Sports? Can someone throw me a friggin bone here? Some guy in an adjacent urinal told me that Kardashian is appearing at WrestleMania. Maybe Reggie could tag along…Wow, I really don't have a joke to end this. I hate Kim Kardashian.  

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