05.14.08 10 years ago 22 Comments

"Hey there, Little Missy. Got something here to wet your whistle. No, no, don't bother with the cups. Despite how nattily dressed I am with my green vest, I am quite relaxed with clubbing conduct. Now, let's open up the dam, this Goose wants to sit on the pond."

Don Chavez has a some photos of Reggie Miller's latest night on the town involved bottling feeding vodka to young somethings and generally just having a good time. Not a real hotbed of scandal. But what if that girl were Miley Cyrus? Yeah, she's not. Clearly Asian. But what if she were the Miley Cyrus of Asia? Well, then she'd have been the sex queen of Japan a few years ago. Cyrus is too old for Japanese guys now.

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