Reggie Wayne Reportedly Asked To Be Released Because Playing For The Patriots Was ‘No Fun’

09.06.15 4 years ago 7 Comments

After making somewhat of a splash by signing with New England this August, Reggie Wayne‘s time with the Patriots was short and uneventful. He only caught two passes for 24 yards in two preseason games with the Patriots, but most people still anticipated the active leader in catches and receiving yards would be a part of the Pats’ 53-man roster heading into Week 1 of the regular season.

Ultimately, that was not the case. But why?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick said Wayne’s release this weekend was “mutually agreed upon,” indicating that the receiver asked out of New England after just a few weeks in the organization.  Now, after a report from Patriots color analyst and former quarterback Scott Zolak, we may have knowledge as to why that happened.

It’s a bit surprising that a 36-year-old veteran, who has often been referred to as the “consummate professional,” would be put off by a tough work environment, and – if Zolak’s report is accurate – I’m not sure what it says about the Indianapolis Colts, with whom Wayne spent the entirety of his career before signing with the Patriots.

But it seems especially odd after seeing Wayne’s comments regarding why he chose New England in the first place.

“I just want to win, point-blank.”

“The only thing I can do is let my work speak for itself,” Wayne said Aug. 25 when asked how much he had to offer. “I know what I can do. I know what I can bring to the table. … Whoever the naysayers are, just watch me work.”

Those don’t sound like quotes from a guy who would quit because he was facing too much work. Either way, you don’t need to go behind-the-scenes to realize that Bill Belichick probably isn’t exactly the guy you want to be your boss if you want to have a grand ol’ time at the office every day.

Even if he didn’t enjoy his time in New England, it’s likely Wayne enjoyed the $450,000 signing bonus he cashed after signing in late August. Not a bad going rate for a few weeks worth of work work, regardless of how much fun it was.

(Via Pro Football Talk)

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