Mystery Solved: Reggie Wayne Reveals What Peyton Manning’s ‘Omaha’ Audible Means

Peyton Manning’s “Omaha” audible has long been the NFL’s most famous pre-snap adjustment. It’s found its way onto commercials, Saturday Night Live sketches, late night television monologues and the like. Now, thanks to Reggie Wayne, we finally know what it actually means.

As a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Reggie caught passes from Manning for 10 seasons, so if anybody is a reliable source on the matter…it’s him. On Sunday morning, he spoke with the NFL Network and begrudgingly — at the urging of Deion Sanders –finally revealed what the audible actually means.

“Omaha means he’s going the other way.” When asked to elaborate, he continued “If it’s a run to the right, if it’s ‘Dive right,’ Omaha is going to be ‘Dive left'” which caused the NFL Network crew to erupt.

So there it is, mystery solved, right? Well, maybe not because, as Kurt Warner pointed out, maybe Reggie was sent there as a mole meant to misdirect America and every opposing defense Peyton will face in the future. Reggie even admits at the end of the clip “I can promise you this, that ‘Omaha’ is not going to be the same thing today.”

Yet another audible by Peyton? Of course.