Watch Regis Philbin Reenact The Janitor Speech From ‘Rudy’ With The Janitor From ‘Rudy’

I’m not sure why FOX Sports thought the best way to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the classic “little white guy that could” Sean Astin classic Rudy by having Regis Philbin reenact a scene from the film, but here’s Regis Philbin doing the inspirational janitor speech from Rudy with the original inspirational janitor, aka Charles S. Dutton, aka Roc.

Regis has the acting ability and comedic timing of Michigan J. Frog, but I’ll admit, I laughed pretty hard at Dutton’s “I got cocky … started yelling at real garbagemen.” Check out the video below, and arrange to have your friends carry you away from your computer on their shoulders when you’re done.

Here’s the original clip, if you wanted to compare/contrast:

Now I just want everyone involved in morning television to reenact Sean Astin movies. Up next: Kelly Ripa stuck down in a well, yelling at her friends about how down here, it’s their time.

[h/t to CG Wild]