Relax, Everyone: MLB Players Will Be Allowed To Tweet During The All-Star Game

Major League Baseball can’t figure out what to do about steroids, the way their division are aligned, the way their playoffs are structured or declining attendance, but they can fix what’s important: according to, league has announced that they will set up computer stations next to team clubhouses that will allow players to use Twitter and Facebook during the 2012 All-Star Game. So if you were wondering how you’d get through 4-7 hours of Josh Hamilton not immediately telling you what he thinks of the Wreck-It Ralph teaser trailer or throwing in on the latest #thingsblackpeoplesay trend, your concerns have been addressed.

The pitch, from NESN:

After the success of last year’s “Social Media Derby,” where players were allowed to tweet during the Home Run Derby, the league decided to expand its social media offerings to the actual All-Star Game as well.

“At its core, baseball is a social activity, so it’s natural that social media has become such a huge part of how fans enjoy the game today,” said Tim Brosnan, a MLB executive. “This initiative will bring fans closer than ever to their favorite players, resulting in what will no doubt be the most ‘social’ events in baseball history.”

Shorter version: Now ESPN won’t show you clips of players sitting on the field with their kids, they’ll show them standing at a computer kiosk and you can go to @therealmiketrout or whatever and read “having fun with my kids!”. Solid improvement, guys.

I’m more interested in the running tweet commentary for the players who didn’t make the All-Star Game. Can we get Tim Brosnan to set up an Internet cafe in Nyjer Morgan’s living room?