Remember 18-Foot Golem LeBron James? He's Back, And He Brought Friends

04.26.12 7 years ago

Back in February we introduced you to an 18-foot tall LeBron James statue built by Florida’s Primetime Amusements to amuse honor LeBron and the Miami Heat. At the time I wondered how a statue of LeBron honored the Heat, and now two months later we have our answer: because he was only the first of a team of colossal monsters.

Well, a team of three. Nobody’s smushing together 18 feet of paper-mache and tubing to build a giant Dexter Pittman, but Golem Dwyane Wade and Golem Chris Bosh are alive and erect now. Bosh has got to be the easiest person to caricature in the history of pro basketball, you just roll up a ball of clay and pinch it in the front.

A little color commentary from Hot Hot Hoops:

With all three completed and finishing touches now in place, such as placing an NBA sticker right in the middle of LeBron’s headband while Hot Hot Hoops was present to take pictures of the trio, plans are still up in the air as to where exactly you’ll be able to see these on display. A logical place would be the American Airlines Arena but for now we’ll have to wait and see where the mega superstars will make their public appearance together.

Here’s a better look at the Extremely Big 3 with a wildly inappropriate funk soundtrack:

One more close-up of Bosh, to verify that he was born from my nightmares.

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