Remember The Girl Who Used Nike+ To Draw A Penis? Guess What She Drew Now!

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01.10.14 7 Comments

Nike Penis

Earlier this week, we learned about a girl who bet her running enthusiast friend that she couldn’t use her Nike+ app to map her run in the shape of a penis. Not only did the friend prove her wrong and win the bet for a $20 Amazon gift card, but she took it to the next level by adding a few (ahem) details to her phallic journey and subsequent art, and she also made sure to upgrade the resolution by loading it through Google Earth. All in all, it was a hell of an impressive effort for something as simple as making a dick joke.

Equally impressed were the girl’s fellow Redditors, so much that they started making requests for what “sglider12” should draw with her next run, and it shouldn’t really surprise anyone what she decided to go with.

Nike+ vagina

That’s right, it’s a big, ol’ vagina run. I think the only thing left for this girl to do is teach full-on anatomy lessons at a college using only her Nike+ runs.

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