Reminder: Free Fantasy Baseball with Draftstreet Happens Tonight

06.24.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

I wanted to post this up to remind anyone who’d forgotten (or worse, who hadn’t signed up yet) that our one night only free fantasy baseball contest happens tonight featuring a Who’s Who of Uproxx showdown between me, Burnsy, Punter, Matt Ufford and basically everybody except Robopanda. C’mon, Robopanda, get in the game! has been generous enough to set up a $300 cash pool, and if you’re one of the top seven finishers you get a piece of it. If I finish any lower than 152nd this time I’m going to just write Draftstreet a check and an apology note.

It’s totally free to sign up for and takes about a quarter of a second to set up, so hey, if you like the site, give it a try. We’d really appreciate it. And if it’s successful enough, you’ve got a better chance of these Anna Kournikova in braided pigtails and baseball clothes playing sports header images.

Good luck, everybody! We’ll announce the winners on Monday.

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