Reminder: Sign Up For Free WL Fantasy Baseball, Win Money, Be Happy

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.22.11 2 Comments

This is a picture of a badger. He’s what I’m going to do to you about free fantasy baseball from, because I am ridiculously excited about it and want you to participate. In case you missed Wednesday’s announcement, With Leather is doing an exclusive, one night only fantasy baseball showdown next Friday with a $300 cash pool at stake. It’s free, fun to do, and if you don’t do it you have less money. Imagine it like an uncle giving you a five dollar bill for absolutely no reason. Okay, change that to your grandmother, uncles are weird.

Click here to register and get started. You will like it, because sports are fun.

We’re announcing the specifics of the league on Tuesday, but it behooves you (even if badgers don’t have hooves) to sign up now — if you sign up, you can play a few of the free games to get prepared for the big one. And since we are nice people, we’ve been hooked up with a promo code (“uproxx”) that can get you a 25% deposit bonus. The free money keeps on coming, folks. Win something and come back here to tell me about it. It’ll get me all fired up and passionate, making my inevitable 291 out of 300 finish even funnier.

Sign up today, or it’s badger pictures all next week. Wait, no, that’s probably the worst threat of all time.

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