The ‘Replacement Referee Night’ Promotion Is Happening

Sorry, “dog on trampoline” videos or “child returns home from war to mash-up the NBA and ‘Game Of Thrones’,” today’s Internet belongs to the NFL replacement refs. Earlier today we chronicled Twitter’s, uh, abrasive response to TOUCHDOWNERCEPTION-Gate, and now the hate for that gaggle of Foot Locker employees jus’ doin’ th’best they can has gone promotional.

Mid-States Football League semi-pro team the Racine Raiders are having “Replacement Referee Night” at their next home game on Saturday, September 29, with costume contests, poor officiating prizes and proceeds going to absolutely nobody who can properly call a f**king football game.

The details:

The team will give anyone who comes dressed as a football official free admission into the game. The team encourages fans to be creative and family-friendly with their outfits. Any outfits deemed to be vulgar will not qualify for free admission. A few replacement referees will be selected to go on the field for a “Worst Call of the Night” contest.

“Fans are frustrated with the state of professional football right now,” said Raiders president Matthew Snyder. “We want to give them a creative and fun outlet for their frustration.”

The Raiders are also offering free admission to college students with a valid college identification card and youth football players wearing their team uniform that are accompanied by a paying adult. (via

I love that you can still wear a vulgar referee costume to the game, you just can’t get the free admission. That’s probably code for “hey local teens, I know you’ve got a slutty referee costume you want to wear and we want to see it, we just have to pretend like you’re doing something wrong,” followed by a “come on, get in here” shuffling-in gesture. And God bless the Raiders for setting this up … I know that if I was a Green Bay Packers fan, an afternoon in Racine spent making wanking motions at replacement referees would make me feel totally okay with how Monday Night Football ended.

My favorite part of the press release is how it turns into a “sorry we’re not the NFL” thing.

“The Raiders have been offering quality, affordable, family-friendly entertainment at the minor league level for 60 years now,” Snyder says. “We don’t have the big names of the professional leagues but we have a quality product.”


If anybody goes to this, bring your camera and send over a few pictures. I’m anxious to see if the pretend worst calls are any worse than the real ones.

[h/t to Fark]