01.13.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Washington Wizards guard [as opposed to bodyguard…zing?] Gilbert Arenas is still under federal investigation for bringing guns into an NBA locker room. New information has been released about how much heat Arenas really was packing.

WTOP has learned the Washington Wizards’ star has — at times — owned several hundred guns.

Multiple sources tell WTOP that Arenas moved those weapons out of his Virginia home within the past year, long before the incident at the Verizon Center.

By all accounts, the guns in Arenas’ collection were legally owned, yet it’s unclear how many he actually owned or still owns.

And now a report from TMZ indicates that Arenas is looking to plead down to misdemeanor charges, while the Wizards hope to void his contract for bringing those four guns into the Verizon Center. Damn, Gil. All you had to do what pay what you lost in that game of Boo-Ray. Certainly, that would have cost less than $111 million.

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