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One of the great traditions in horse racing is coming to an end. Pimlico Race Course will no longer allow “race fans” to bring their own booze into the infield. From the New York Times (via 100 Percent Injury Rate):

“I’ve seen people get drilled by people randomly heaving cans of beer,” said Matt Schultz, 29, who lives in Baltimore and has been on the Pimlico infield for the Preakness the past four years. “I saw one girl literally get knocked to the ground by one.”

Organizers of the Preakness Stakes, the second event in horse racing’s Triple Crown, want a tamer experience on Saturday for the 134th running of the race. Fans can no longer bring their own beverages to the infield. Sixteen-ounce beers will be sold for $3.50, and they will come in plastic cups instead of unopened cans.

I get the safety issue, and $3.50 for a pint of beer isn’t a terrible price, but it’ll still be enough to price people out of spending an entire day there (and one would wonder what the point would be otherwise). But the people running these events need to realize how fun alcohol abuse can be. It’s as warming to the heart as a child’s laughter, provided that child is 27 years old with a 0.25 blood alcohol level.

Also resting in peace (hopefully): Wayman Tisdale. Sad. I guess.

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