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Everyone knows that Joe Morgan is the dumbest baseball announcer alive, and Ozzie Guillen is the craziest sonofabitch in Illinois, neither a small feat when you take into account Tim McCarver's existence or the presence of the nation's first supermax prison in Marion.  And last night they went toe-to-toe.  Idiocy versus insanity, WHO YA GOT?

[Guillen] didn’t take kindly to ESPN broadcaster Joe Morgan questioning the fact that Guillen told reporters on Saturday that he felt Ivan Rodriguez, not Roberto Clemente, was the greatest player to come out of Puerto Rico. Morgan told Guillen he was "crazy," starting a series of "FU's" from Guillen.

What Morgan didn’t know was Guillen is a huge collector of Clemente memorabilia, as well as gave his son, Oney, the middle name of Roberto. [Gahhh! That syntax is fucking awful. -Ed.]

Well let's see here.  On one hand, nothing gives me greater pleasure than someone saying FUCK YOU to Joe Morgan's face.  On the other hand, for once in his life, Morgan is right: Ozzie Guillen really is crazy.

Who wins?  I dunno, I'm too bothered by the nature of the conversation.  Why do we have to make it only about Puerto Rican players?  That does nothing to promote racial unity and harmony.  Can't we all just agree to hate the Jews and move on? 

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