06.02.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

It's not easy to pin down what's most despicable about this video of an enthusiastic Red Sox fan "converting" tourists at the Great Wall of China.  There's obviously her Red Sox fan-dom, but I suppose that can be forgiven.  There's the sickening rah-rah upbeat attitude, which no one should be exposed to on a Monday.  There's the fact that no one from China would say "Let's go Red Sox" if they knew the team had two Japanese players.

But there's some kind of a deeper disgust I get from this, and it has something to do with exploiting people who don't speak English for your own entertainment.  People who don't speak English should never be exploited for cheap laughs.  Only for doing your laundry, landscaping your yard, and washing your dishes.  Let's try to respect their culture, okay?

[Red Sox Monster

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