Revis Is Gonna Get Paid… Eventually

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06.18.10 2 Comments

According to today’s New York Post, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is less than pleased with a proposed $100 million contract extension that the team has reportedly presented to him. Revis allegedly claims the six-year extension to his current contract is insulting because it lacks any guarantees. And also because the Jets’ lawyers drew little middle fingers over the I in his name.

The news of this proposed contract extension has further angered Revis because he believes the Jets have leaked both this news and previous news that he was asking for $20 million per year in order to make Fireman Ed and Jets Nation think that he’s being greedy. Revis, in fact, is only asking for $16.2 million and to be the highest paid corner in the NFL. And if the Jets don’t want to pony up, then there’s a decent chance that 31 other teams will have the opportunity to do so.

Buy back the remaining years on my hairline, Pro Football Talk:

Here’s how it works. Revis signed in 2007 a six-year deal that, upon the achievement of certain modest triggers (which he has satisfied), can be reduced at his option to four years. Then, the Jets can buy back years five and six at $5 million guaranteed in 2011 and $15 million guaranteed in 2012.

Here’s the problem. When the contract initially was approved in 2007, the 30-percent rule that limits the giving of raises in uncapped years to players under contract didn’t apply, because a salary cap was in place. The thinking is that, when the Jets try to buy back the last two years of the deal, the NFL will block the maneuver as a violation of the 30-percent rule.

There are a lot of ifs, ands, and buts involved in this theory – mainly the thought that the Jets will let this go much further with three other star players asking for extensions as well – but the main point is that Al Davis isn’t getting any younger. So if the Jets wouldn’t mind, Davis would like to get this check made out for $200 million dollars for 5 years of Revis’ service before the New Year.

Rex Ryan recently reached out to Revis after the DB skipped practice because he was feeling lightheaded, even though it later turned out that he skipped out over the contract issue. Despite the lie, Rex reassured reporters that Revis is a leader and hard-worker, and then he unhinged his jaw and swallowed Erik Ainge whole.

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