Rex Ryan Is A Fat, Fat Man

06.03.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

I am so incredibly excited for the New York Jets to be the featured team on HBO’s annual Hard Knocks series. As the writers at KSK have noticed, Rex Ryan is the greatest coach ever, if not the greatest person ever. However, his reputation as the fattest coach in the NFL (a tight battle with Andy Reid) could be in jeopardy. Sexy Rexy recently started a weight loss competition with his husky linemen Damian Woody and Kris Jenkins. Apparently, things are getting pretty serious, because Kris Jenkins thinks Rex has an unfair advantage.

The four-time Pro Bowler says his weight loss competition versus Damien Woody and Rex Ryan is unfair. After the group weighed in, Jenkins knew he had the most muscle in the group. “I know with Rex, his body fat percentage said pudding,” Jenkins said. “I’m really with some guys right now, that are a lot of mush.” –ProFootballTalk

Pudding is a pretty fit description of Rex’s body type. I would also suggest “doughy,” “portly,” or my personally favorite “roly poly.” Yeah, this is a week old, but any opportunity we get to rail on the obese, we take. It’s all in the spirit of giving…giving a hard time to others.

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