Rex Ryan Tried To Jinx The St. Louis Blues

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03.12.12 2 Comments

"Hey you p*ssies, let me see some tongue!"

With a 2-1 road victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets yesterday, the St. Louis Blues extended their winning streak to 5 games and their 97 points and 45-18-7 record are the tits of the NHL, which means that the bandwagon is starting to get a little crowded. For instance, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan wanted in on the action on Saturday, as the Blues were preparing to whip the moose hide off of Columbus at home.

Rex was in town visiting his brother and radio personality Jim Ryan, and he took a few moments to meet and address the team. While it may seem a little odd, Rex is right at home on the ice, as he and his brothers all played hockey as kids and were goalies, which is the least shocking thing I’ve ever written. As for the Blues, Rex likes the cut of their jib.

“I said, ‘Man, you coach this team like a football team … and that’s the truth,” Ryan said. “He spent a lot of time around football coaches as well. This is my first opportunity to be around a great hockey coach.

“Sport is sport, but you watch this (Blues) team and golly, this is what I want for our football team … everybody buys in. They have one all-star and it’s the backup goalie, and here they are with the best record in hockey.” (Via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Rex was also spotted in a Blues jersey, which means that XXXL continues to be the best-selling jersey size in St. Louis. *rimshot, jiggles tummy*

But the Blues’ success is good news for people who complain that we don’t write enough about hockey, because as long as the Blues are kicking ass, I’m a happy man and there will certainly be more posts about the NHL and its famous players like Sidney Cosby, Alex Ovecktion and Boris Spazrussiankoff, instead of clips of Most Vertical Primate. Haha, okay, we can still include those…

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