Robert Griffin III Is Just As Injury-Prone In Madden As He Is In Real Life

08.28.15 3 years ago

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It’s been a rough preseason for Robert Griffin III, and the injury-prone quarterback apparently struggles to stay on the field just as much in the virtual NFL world as he does in the real one.

Madden NFL 16 players who have chosen to entrust their franchise with RG3 better hope they have a decent backup because, according to Twitter, Griffin is apparently not lasting long in the game before going down.

If you’re wondering, RG3’s rating in the game is a 78 overall, with an injury rating of 77. Believe it or not, that injury rating is only the fifth lowest in the game. Sam Bradford “leads” the way with an injury rating of 71, which makes some sense. He is followed by Carson Palmer (74), Josh McCown (75) and Christian Ponder (76), all guys who have a legitimate reason for being relatively injury prone, as Palmer and Ponder are injured a lot and McCown is pretty dang old.

Something tells me if the game developers had done the Madden ratings after the Redskins first preseason game, which saw Griffin possibly have a concussion because of his putrid offensive line, they might have boosted that rating up a tad.

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