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The North Carolina lottery–based in Ric Flair’s home state–has just released a five-dollar “WOOOOOOO!” scratch-off ticket [that’s with 7 Os] where players can win up to $100,000 in cash. Hey, wait a second. That’s only five zeros. I already feel shortchanged.

Lottery executive director Tom Shaheen said the ticket could help attract new players.

“We are always looking for ways to appeal to new players so we can maximize sales and generate as much money as possible for education.”

The odds of winning any prize from the ticket are 1 in 3.63. The odds of wining one of the top prices are 1 in 390,000. via.

The 16-time world champion [as indicated by the 16 scratch-off belts] will be making promotional appearances throughout greater Charlotte to promote the ticket. And I predict this will be the greatest lottery promotion ever. And that’s what it would take to alleviate the stink when Flair returns to the ring to square off against Hulk Hogan. Age in the cage! I’m sure Hogan has already bought a roll of these to put a dent in that divorce settlement. And might I add, “WOOO!”

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