Ricardo Mayorga Started A Fight By Slapping Shane Mosley’s Girlfriend’s Butt

Ricardo Mayorga and Shane Mosley are set to fight on Aug. 29, which can’t get here soon enough because the two can’t seem to not want to kill each other constantly. During a Tuesday press conference for the fight, Mayorga decided it would be a great idea if he slapped Mosley’s girlfriend right on her butt. The gesture of kindness went about as one would expect, igniting a mini-brawl with some very NSFW language.

This isn’t the first time Mayorga and Mosley have almost gone at it outside the ring. Earlier this month in another press conference, Mayorga lit a cigarette and blew it in Mosley’s face. In response, Mosley knocked the cigarette out of Mayorga’s mouth and a shoving match ensued.

So, yeah, Aug. 29 is going to be an absolute tornado of fists.

(Via Bro Bible)

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