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There are no Tour de France stories unless there are suspicion-of-doping Tour de France stories. It's the only way to get exposure in this part of the world for cycling. So you have to wonder why one of those biking-type people would strive so hard to flee drug testers.

Riccardo Ricco tried to flee from anti-doping officials who were escorting him after the fourth stage of the Tour de France, which the Italian rider tested positive for the banned blood-booster EPO.

Pierre Bordry, the head of the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) that tested Ricco, explained how the Saunier Duval leader avoided an anti-doping chaperon after the time trial on July 8.

"When he knew he was going to be tested, he went off, and it is the escort who caught him up," Bordry said Tuesday. "He found himself blocked off. There was a traffic jam of cars and he could not get through the cars."

With all that extra blood in the brain you'd think he could come up with a way to duck a couple Frenchmen. The natural Italian response is to a threat to flop and feign great injury, which most likely doesn't enhance the chances of escape. That and the French are the masters of retreat. There's no way you can flee from them that they have not attempted in fear of another. Foolish Italian pigdog!

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