Rice Lost After A Game-Winning Field Goal Attempt Bounced Off The Uprights Four Times

Is there anything quite like the feeling that is created when a kicker bounces one off the uprights? The sound it makes? The fact that it’s probably harder to hit the upright than it is to make the field goal itself? What about those ones that bounce off, bounce towards the middle, and then bounce out to really drive home the cruelty of the oblong ball (hi, Bears fans)? The truth is there is no kind of missed field goal more painful than one going off the uprights.

So the amount of pain Rice must have been going through in their 40-34 loss when their kicker managed to bounce a single field goal attempt off the uprights not once, not twice, no not three times, but four times must have been enormous. The worst part is that it didn’t have to happen. Rice could have won it in regulation.

With less than two minutes to go in regulation, Rice scored a touchdown to take a 32-31 lead. They made the logical decision and went for two and even managed to convert it. With a three point lead all Rice had to do was have their defense not give up a field goal. They did their job to a point and forced a 48-yard attempt, but Middle Tennessee’s kicker nailed it to send the game into overtime tied up at 34.

In OT, Middle Tennesee went for the field goal again, but missed a 50 yard attempt. All Rice had to do was hit a field goal of their own to win it. Now, what most teams would do here is run their offense and get some extra yards to make the kick easier. Rice opted to run the ball, for a one yard gain, and then kneel the ball twice. Alright, time to win it with a field goal!

Four bounces! Not since Kawhi’s shot against the Sixers have four bounces been so agonizing to watch. Life for Rice football is nothing but pain and they are not allowed to feel anything but pain. Oh well! Absurd odds aside, they still can win the game in the next overtime. Just get the lead and force Middle Tennesee to match you. Worst case you get another opportunity to win it in triple OT.

Rice’s field goal attempt in double OT was blocked.

Middle Tennesee, learning a lesson from Rice’s field goal woes, marched the ball down the field and ran in a touchdown to win the game.

Middle Tennesee defeats Rice 40-34. If bouncing one off the upright is the most painful thing you can do as a kicker then we don’t even want to know how Rice feels right now.