Richard Seymour Is Gonna Get Fined

11.22.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

While the rest of the country was yawning over yesterday’s coma of NFL action (please, only 37 wide receivers with multiple touchdowns?) the world was collectively praying for Ben Roethliberger after a dastardly act by Oakland’s Richard Seymour. As the Raiders trailed the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-3 in the second quarter, Seymour was ejected from the game for punching Gentle Ben in his helmet, causing the QB to drop like an impaired sorority girl.

Seymour’s ejection is likely just the tip of the iceberg, as a fine is inevitable and many are calling for a suspension, which would truly be unfortunate. Not because he doesn’t deserve it but mainly because it will stop other players from punching Roethlisberger in the face. But if we’re going to speculate on a player’s punishment, there’s only one expert to turn to.

Play me some sweet chin music, San Francisco Chronicle

“I don’t see why not,” Pittsburgh’s James Harrison said. “You tell me what the next step is for a guy who blatantly, outside the play, you see a guy is celebrating with his teammates and you punch him in the face.”

Seymour said it all happened so quickly. “I’m not sure why he ran up on me,” Seymour said.

Clearly, he ran up on Seymour because there was a bee on his helmet and he needed someone to knock it off. Ben was probably just a little surprised, though, that someone struck him back after being held for 20 minutes.

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