Richard Sherman Is Out For The Season After Rupturing His Achilles On Thursday Night Football

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Richard Sherman‘s season is over. The Seattle Seahawks‘ star cornerback suffered a leg injury during the team’s 22-16 win against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday night. During a third-and-11 in the game’s third quarter, Sherman was matched up against Arizona receiver John Brown. Carson Palmer fired in a pass, Sherman tackled Brown past the line of scrimmage, and the All-Pro cornerback laid on the ground in pain.

Sherman was able to walk off after the injury, but he seemed like he knew right away what was up.

The Seahawks star got everything checked out and it was revealed that he suffered a ruptured achilles. Pete Carroll announced the injury after the game.

The craziest part of this was that Sherman did not originally hurt the tendon during this game. He was listed as questionably to play prior to the kickoff because he had a bum achilles, but decided to play and test his heel out. Unfortunately for Sherman, it ended up costing him his season.