Richard Swarbrick’s Animated Tribute To Great World Cup Goals Is Simply Beautiful

06.12.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

If I sat down and tried to compose a typically eloquent and brilliant piece about which scoring situations in all sports are the most enjoyable to watch, I’d probably rank soccer goals in my Top 3 with women’s volleyball spikes and a defender’s riposte in fencing, when the defender has the right of way, obviously. There’s just something usually so cool about soccer goals, specifically in the World Cup, probably because they don’t exactly grow on trees and each one is more important than the last. That’s why even the most casual soccer fan (read: many Americans at World Cup time *points to self*) should be able to enjoy this beautiful and artistic rendering of some truly iconic World Cup goals.

Richard Swarbrick is the artist behind the animated tribute, “And What a Great Goal That Was,” and it serves as a fun little guessing game to gauge how big of a futbol nut you are. If you guess them all, you get a special prize – the satisfaction of knowledge.

(I only knew the Dennis Bergkamp goal off the top of my head, because that pass was ridiculous and carved into my simple brain.)

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