Rick Ross Made The Mistake Of Partying With Gronk And Ended Up Puking His Guts Out

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Partying with Rob Gronkowski sounds like it’s incredibly fun, but if you aren’t careful it can get out of hand and you can find yourself quickly spiraling out of control. This can happen to the best of us, even those that spend plenty of time in the clubs like hip-hop star Rick Ross.

Ross went on The Brilliant Idiots podcast after the Super Bowl and explained that partying too hard with Gronk led to him throwing up on stage while performing. Ross noted that the biggest mistake was mixing his alcohol intake, going from champagne to brown liquor and then back to champagne. This will lead to problems nine times out of 10, and for Ross, he hit the wall while jumping around on stage trying to perform.

The funniest part is him explaining how he had to take the towel his DJ was using to protect his laptop from the champagne being sprayed everywhere to protect his beard from the puke. Ross, being a professional, knew he could slip behind the DJ booth and squat down to stay out of sight of the crowd at the club and puke right quick and then pop back up.

It’s a pro move from Rozay, but Gronk, ever the gentleman, noticed his boy was struggling and popped his head back behind the DJ booth to see if there was anything he could do to help out The Boss.

“You need me to do something for you?! Why you geeked huh?!!” is the most Gronk way of checking in on someone throwing up ever. Rick Ross rallied, though, and kept the party going for the rest of the night, but learned an important life lesson. Never try to keep up with Gronk.