Rick's Cabaret Wants Tim Tebow To Know The Free Lap Dance Offer Still Stands

It seems like a pretty slow Tim Tebow news day, what with the big hubbub around the New York Jets’ new not-so-secret weapon being that he now has a sandwich named after him and he got a manicure and pedicure at MB Nails in West Hollywood on Tuesday. Man, this dude will do anything to make sure Rex Ryan names him the starter.
But our good friends at Rick’s Cabaret want to remind Tebow that Hollywood doesn’t have anything on New York City, especially when it comes to showing the former Heisman Trophy winner some love. In case you forgot, Tim, the ladies at Rick’s have offered to give you your (presumably) very first lap dance free of charge to show you just how grateful they are to have you in the Big Apple. Not like that Mark Sanchez guy who keeps asking the girls if they’re old enough to vote.
The offer still stands, Tim, so don’t let these ladies down, especially after they went out and got themselves some Tebow jerseys. They might be defective, though, because they seem to fall off easily.