Our Favorite Exotic Dancers Weighed In On The Subway Series

Now that the NBA Playoffs are over, we can finally get back to what matters around here most – baseball and partially nude women. Thankfully, today I can bring you a story that involves both of these wonderful things, as our favorite exotic dancers at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City (use your judgment) took a moment to let us know their thoughts on this weekend’s Subway Series, with the red hot first place New York Yankees visiting the also-somewhat-hot second place New York Mets at Shea Citi Field.

I tried to ask the ladies their thoughts in person, but instead of questions like, “What do you think about the pitching matchups?” I just kept giggling like a child.

“We love the baseball guys, especially the Yankees” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Christina. “I’ve met some of the Yankees here at the club, but I can’t tell you who. We protect everyone’s privacy here at Rick’s, she explained.

Let’s just assume she’s talking about David Aardsma. “Rehabilitation” my ass.

“The Yankees should have no trouble beating the Mets,” cooed Rick’s Cabaret Girl Elise. “I think it will be a sweep.”

“The Yankees will win the subway series, said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kelsey. “Derek Jeter is my personal favorite,” she added.

Finally, an attractive woman that appreciates Derek Jeter. I was beginning to think the poor guy has the worst luck.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Sydney is sure of her prediction. “The Yankees take all three. Robinson Cano is awesome,” she cooed.

“I read With Leather every day so I know my sports,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Gianna. “The Mets are okay, but the Yankees have better pitching and better offense–so, duh, they will win.”

That’s probably going on a t-shirt, and/or my tombstone.

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Claudia had a differing opinion. “Everybody loves a winner, so yes, most of the girls here are Yankee fans, but I also love the Mets. They’ve got some good players too. I think the Mets will win two out of three.”

I’m with Claudia on this one. I think the Mets are going to ride their current winning streak and slap their big bully neighbors around a little. Or not, whatever. I need to hit the ATM.

(Thanks as always to our good friends at Rick’s, where I will one day teach my son how to watch baseball properly.)