11.09.06 11 years ago 13 Comments

Despite recent events that suggest Ricky Williams is a little pissed off and tired of being in Canada, his agent Leigh Steinberg assured Fox Sports Radio otherwise:

Oh he is absolutely in the best spirits. He found something to substitute for substance abuse which is a philosophy of yoga and sort of eastern philosophy and he meditates and it gives him tremendous peace.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. "Hey Ricky, put the bong down and try this Downward Dog. It's so fucking peaceful it will blow your mind."

I don't buy it. There just isn't a physical activity out there that's a legitimate substitute for substance abuse. This one girl tried to get me to put a beer down so I could dance with her, and I pushed her down a flight of stairs.

UPDATE: For intelligent discourse on this subject, check out Dave's Football Blog

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