Ricky Williams Said Getting Stopped By Police Could’ve ‘Gotten Real Bad’ If He Weren’t Famous

01.24.17 2 years ago

Ricky Williams was stopped, handcuffed and searched while taking a walk near his hotel on Jan. 11 after police were called about suspicious activity in the area and a report of a man walking through people’s backyards.

Williams was able to take a look at the police dashcam video for the first time Monday night on AfterBuzz TV’s Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro, and discussed the incident in detail.

The most interesting part of the conversation Williams has was his discussion of how his dealings with the police were both an example of how to handle this situation, but also how easily it could have gone wrong for a number of reasons.

“This is a good example to show to young African-Americans,” Williams said. “Because I think sometimes when people make you feel like a criminal you can get angry and then it can get away from you. And then it can get physical and it can go sour really quickly…

“I’m just glad I had my drivers license on me because I don’t always carry it when I go for my walks I’m just glad I had my I.D. on me or any weed on me because this would’ve gotten really bad. If I didn’t have my ID it would’ve gotten bad. He would’ve put me in cuffs if I didn’t have my ID. Just because there’s an assumption of guilt and so everything is suspicious.”

Williams also explained that being famous certainly helps out in these situation in a way that gives him a benefit of the doubt others don’t have.

“I’m a quirky person,” Williams said. “And so it’s kind of dangerous to be black and quirky unless your famous, and then you can get away with it most of the time.”

The full discussion of his dealings with the police in Tyler, Texas, which starts at about the 34-minute mark, offers an interesting insight into Williams’ worldview. He offers very level-headed feelings towards the incident and even notes that he understands why the police in Tyler, Texas would feel so threatened by him.

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