Riddick Bowe Wants To Be A 46-Year Old Pro Wrestler For Some Reason

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08.26.13 5 Comments

Riddick Bowe has done it all in the world of boxing. He’s a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, rocking the WBA, WBC and IBF titles in ’92 en route to becoming the undisputed champion and knocked down poor Herbie Hide six times in ’95 to win the WBO crown. He was the first fighter to defeat Evander Holyfield and the first one to knock him out. Pop culture types might remember him best for that time Andrew Golota wouldn’t stop uppercutting him in the junk. Also, for that time he threatened Carlton Banks and beat up Will Smith.

Now, at the ripe-young age of 46, Riddick Bowe wants to be a pro wrestler.

I think the easiest (and best) joke here is that “participated in a sport other than wrestling” and “is 46-years old” are the two things TNA Impact Wrestling look for most when signing a new star. That seems to be the trend amongst aging combat sports athletes, with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Tito Ortiz signing with Bellator and making wrestling appearances for quick, double-dip paydays.

Bowe clarified that he wants to become a wrestler not for money, but for prestige:

Sure enough, a carnier class of pro wrestlers saw dollar signs and immediately responded, offering Bowe training gigs.

So now, as it stands, 42-year old Tommy Dreamer, years after his prime, will be training 46-year old Riddick Bowe for his pro wrestling debut. That’s … something. I hope it leads to Riddick Bowe wearing trashbag pants and rolling bowling balls into peoples’ crotches. I’d watch that no matter where it happened.

TNA, if you plan on signing Bowe to get on SportsCenter once and are reading this (and I assume you are, because you’ve got a google alert set up for “TNA”) (a very confusing google alert), I will only accept it if you also sign Alfonso Ribeiro and put on a fight only slightly more dated than Rampage vs. Tito.

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