Ring Ring Ring Ring, Hockey Phone

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.03.12 3 Comments

In the best Raffi-related sports news since Rafael Palmeiro started pointing fingers and ending sentences with ‘period’, children’s singer/entertainer/advocate and Bananaphone patent holder Raffi has recorded ‘On Hockey Days’. The tune, described in the YouTube description as a “toe-tapping all-ages song”, explains Raffi’s love of the game, reminds you to bring some snacks and (if Raffi has his way) will encourage people to never fight again.

By way of Puck Daddy:

“With the growing concern about the rough stuff in the game and injuries and so on I just thought that maybe a song would be the right thing do,” Raffi said. “And when I heard that in minor hockey, both Hockey Canada and USA Hockey are moving to ban fights from the game, I thought, this is the time to write a song about the pure love of the game. I wanted to capture that spirit of fun and fair play that starts with shinny and outdoor rinks and all that kind of stuff and then goes indoors… What I hope is that it will be well-known for a song that celebrates the pure love of the game at the grassroots level.”

My theory: if you played this for even the angriest enforcer they’d be numbed into pacification by lines like “scoring goals and making saves, help your team do its best” and just skate away with their head down.

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