There Are Now Dang Body Parts Washing Up On The Volleyball Beach At The Rio Olympics

rio olympics beach
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The lead up to the Rio Olympics has been somewhere between a dumpster fire and a complete and utter disaster. If you’ve managed to avoid some of the more unsavory details, Stephen Colbert is here to help you out.

Today, a new low happened when mutilated body parts washed up near the beach volleyball courts in Rio. On second thought, it’s probably not as bad as the state of Rio de Janeiro being in a state of calamity, but still, this is horrible.

According to Reuters (via the Huffington Post), the body was discovered by a street vendor in Rio just a few yards away from the courts where beach volleyball athletes will compete in a few weeks. The courts are located on Copacabana Beach, and while police have no idea how mutilated body parts ended up on the beach or the series of events that led to them appearing, they were able to confirm that this happened.

So, to recap: we have the aforementioned state of calamity. We have athletes who are horrified to attend the games at the risk of contracting the Zika virus, with one athlete considering freezing his sperm if he goes. There are people requesting that the games are moved because of the various risks of holding them in Rio, something the World Health Organization doesn’t think is necessary.

At this point, it makes a whole lot of sense for the Games to be moved or just outright canceled, but it’s probably too late for the former to happen and there’s likely been too much of an investment in the city for the latter to occur. So be warned, Olympians who end up going to Rio: weird things wash up on the shores of Copacabana Beach.