Officials At The Rio Olympics Somehow Lost The Actual Keys To The Stadium

So, the Rio Olympics aren’t officially under way yet, but as we know, it’s already been a disaster. From the security issues to the raw sewage (and corpses!) in the water to the horrific living conditions, the games appear in serious danger of falling apart. One of the least serious issues to pop up so far is also a perfect microcosm for the shabbiness of the entire affair: They lost the dang keys to the stadium!

That’s outside the Maracana stadium in Rio, which is playing host to men’s soccer events on Thursday. Even though the opening ceremony is still a day away, soccer starts ahead of time because the tournaments take so long to complete. Apparently, spectators were lined up outside of the locked gate – which, again, was locked because officials lost the key to the main soccer stadium of the Olympic Games – for two hours before being directed elsewhere.

They eventually had to bring in bolt cutters to get the gate open, while a top IOC official presumably ran to a hardware store to get a new padlock. Or, they could just leave it unlocked and roll the dice. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? No, seriously, what’s the worst thing you think will happen during the games? Everything’s on the table.