Rival High School Basketball Teams Squashed Their Beef Long Enough To Honor An Injured Player

Senior Writer
02.26.14 4 Comments

For most teams, finding out that your opponent’s best player suffered an injury before your big game is usually viewed as a silent blessing, but when it’s high school girls basketball and that injury actually ended the career of a girl who has been playing her whole life, only a big jerk can celebrate. So when Fox High School Basketball Coach Jeremy Donald learned that Windsor High School’s Kaylee Johnson couldn’t play anymore, he decided to come up with a little plan to show some respect to the schools’ rivalry and also help honor an athlete in front of her fellow students on Senior Night at home.

Donald and Windsor High Coach Andrea Reed agreed to have Johnson in the starting lineup, so the Fox players could stand down on defense and help Johnson have one last moment in the spotlight on her court. Even though she knew about it before it was going to happen, it’s a pretty awesome heartwarming moment.

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