Road Dogs Show Signs of Life

10.04.06 11 years ago

The A's and Cards both won yesterday, which means that Las Vegas bookies had a good night.

In the playoff opener, Barry Zito outdueled Johan Santana as the Twins fell 3-2. Frank Thomas, "the Big Pain," hit two solo home runs to power Oakland. There's been a lot of talk about Thomas being an AL MVP candidate, but I think two years of purists and Yankee fans smearing David Ortiz should be enough to silence that talk. Um, hello? Frank Thomas doesn't play defense and is therefore less valuable. Eric Chavez went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts for the A's, but at least he played defense. That's valuable.

In the NL, the Cardinals stole the first game against the Padres, 5-1. Albert Pujols — who plays defense thank you very much — furthered his value by launching a two-run blast to left field. Stop toying with your fans, St. Louis. How would the Cardinals stack up in the American League? Are they better than the Indians? The Orioles? The Mariners? We'll never know, unless they start playing the World Series of Mediocrity.

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