Broken Forearm + Shirtless Dancing + Pro Wrestling = Rob Gronkowski Dance Party

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02.05.13 9 Comments

So, here’s everything you need to know: Porn aficionado, Tim Tebow f**ker and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski went out dancing at a Las Vegas nightclub. Because he’s Rob Gronkowski, he took off his shirt and acted weird. Because TMZ is TMZ, they filmed the entire thing, posted it online and littered it with ellipses and CAPITAL LETTERS of JUDGMENT~.

Near the end of the clip, Gronk stops dancing in favor of grabbing his friend by the waist and trying to gutwrench suplex him (or something). Here’s the video, with proper analysis to follow.

TMZ managed to get the move wrong twice.

Rob Gronkowski scared the hell out of New England Patriots fans last night … when the superstar tight end BODY SLAMMED his friend on stage at a Las Vegas nightclub

But that didn’t stop him from executing a Stone Cold Stunner-esque move on a friend during a playful dance battle at XS nightclub last night.

“Body slam” I get, because to non-wrestling fans, anybody touching anybody and making them fall down is a “body slam.” I had an old AWA VHS game that labeled a flying crossbody a “body slam” because you’re slamming bodies. But “a Stone Cold Stunner-esque move”? Come on. He’s not even facing the right direction.

If anything, it looks like he’s going for a Quackendriver IV.

TMZ, if you need an resource for stuff like this, I work for cheap.

[via TMZ]

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