Rob Gronkowski Not-So-Subtly Tried To Get A Monster Girl To Say ’69’ On Live TV

Rob Gronkowski is working his way back from his third back surgery of his career and expects to be back fully healthy by the start of the 2017 season, but he took a weekend off from rehab to pop down to the Daytona 500.

Fox put Gronk on live television with a microphone to wander around pit road for their pre-race interviews, and naturally, Gronkowski found the Monster Energy Girls (Monster is now the title sponsor of NASCAR’s premier series). Gronk, who loves a good “69” joke better than anyone, did his best to get on of the Monster Girls to say “69” on live TV. Gronk asked the unsuspecting woman what her favorite speed limit was and that he hoped it was “around 70.”

She either didn’t take the bait, realizing what he was trying to do, or completely missed the joke and said she just likes to go as fast as possible. Either way, Gronk was disappointed to not get a “69” out of her. His efforts were redeemed in his press conference when he was asked about being at the 59th Daytona 500 and what his celebration will be when he comes back in 10 years.

We can’t be surprised that Gronk, the man that once missed a free throw on purpose to keep his high school basketball team’s score at 69, would find a way to make the Daytona 500 all about his favorite number.