Rob Gronkowski On Filming Commercials, Staying Healthy, And The Best Wings In Buffalo

09.07.17 6 months ago 3 Comments

Getty/Ralph Ordaz

Things could have been different for New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. He doesn’t like to talk about it, but he could have been drafted by someone else. He could have not gotten hurt last season and taken part in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. But Rob Gronkowski doesn’t like to look back and think what if – because he’s pretty happy with the present.

He’s entering into his eighth season in the NFL on a team that won a Super Bowl and is the heavy favorite to win it again this year. Gronkowski says he knows his body better than ever and is ready to stay healthy and help the Patriots repeat. And, perhaps most importantly, he’s having fun.

Gronkowski spoke to Uproxx by phone from his New England home as the Patriots get ready to take on the Chiefs on Thursday night. He talked about how fun it is to make commercials, what it was like watching the Patriots comeback in Super Bowl 51 and where to go in Buffalo to get the best chicken wings. And the best part is: he gave the right answer.

You’ve certainly been in your fair share of commercials lately. What’s it been like to get on set and film those?

It’s a lot of fun acting and being in commercials. It’s kind of like the game of football: you get caught up in it, that’s what your mind focuses on and nothing else is going on. It’s like, it’s cool. It’s fun, and when you’re in the middle of it you just lose yourself and you’re having a good time doing it.

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