Rob Gronkowski Thinks Officials Are Out To Get Him With Pass Interference Calls

The Patriots were on the other end of some controversial calls against the Broncos Sunday, calls that ultimately gave Denver an opportunity to tie the game in regulation. We compiled the most egregious for you on Monday and, suffice it to say, Patriots nation has a legitimate beef on at least two of these calls. One of them in particular — the offensive pass interference on Rob Gronkowski — bordered on the ludicrous.

Take a look.

Gronkowski hasn’t been flagged much for OPI in his career, but something changed this season. He now has six in 2015 (after Sunday’s game). That’s more than 29 other teams in the NFL. That’s three more than any single player.

On Tuesday, during an interview with a Boston radio station, Herald reporter Jeff Howe said the NFL was “absolutely” targeting Gronkowski with these calls. Not long after the interview was over, Rob Gronkowski weighed in on Twitter.

Yes, it’s hard to officiate someone of Gronkowski’s size. Calvin Johnson faced some of the same issues in the past when he was repeatedly mugged in jump ball situations. Something needs to change, and it needs to change soon. These officiating mistakes are glaringly obvious and frankly make some of these games unwatchable.