Here Are All The Reasons Why We Want To Party With Rob Gronkowski

11.22.15 3 years ago

Not only is Rob Gronkowski absolutely a constant godsend for anyone who is has him on their Fantasy Football roster (I can proudly say I have him on mine — so thanks, Gronk), but what about the guy off the field? What makes the tight end and one of the centerpieces of the currently 9-0 New England Patriots fun enough that we want to party with?

First and foremost, Gronk doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously. He readily admits that he enjoys dancing to MC Hammer, and he loves dancing in general to the point where he will accept any dance-off challenges at a drop of a dime. In fact, he even brings this love of dancing to work where he can be found dancing on the sidelines from time to time.

Life is a giant party for Rob. Not only did he concoct a 100 foot slip-and-slide on the floor of his house, but he also is hosting his own party cruise. Consider it like a pigskin Love Boat minus Isaac the Bartender, and insert one of the league’s premiere tight ends as your host. This is on top of winning Super Bowl championships and being currently en route to (possibly) repeat as a champion. The party never stops for Gronk, and it’s downright infectious.

Which NFL player would you most want to party with?

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